10 Causes Of Crime

On our website http://www.talidari.net/10-causes-of-crime.html we revealed the top 10 causes of crime according to our research, along with the solutions. If you haven’t read it, do click on the link first to find the best site for crime and solutions on the web. Make sure to check out the top product – the crime cure – free of charge.

Here is where you can share with the world your views on what are the top 10 causes of crime and maybe suggest solutions.

We opened this post for you to share your own takes on the subject with all of us, which we might also include on our website. Hopefully it would help us all understand the causes of crime, so that we can digg in to find real solutions that are not limited to punishment measures.

If you are involved in crime, tell us why, what is the cause underneath your criminal activities. We want to understand you and help you find a better way to make it in this world, as well as help all your brothers in arms around the world.

Go for it at the comment section. Be free to let your voice be heard.



  1. i think crime causes by an increase in unemployment and poverty in the world.

  2. I highly commend the jermina’s point.

  3. Superb, what a weblog it is! This blog provides helpful data to us,
    keep it up.

  4. Crime is also caused by lack af jobs and schools,these people who sit at home doing nothing join gangstars.This caues them to engage in ativities such as gambling and taking drugs because of boredom,these activities leads to even worse problems and more crime.They start to steal money because they want to buy drugs,after taking the drugs they start having violent thoughts and it leads to bad issues such as rape,murder.e.t.c…

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